Everything new.

The biggest update we've ever made. Here's what you need to know.


What's new?

Coming very soon...


You'll find all our programs, classes, and articles in one place. We call it your Discover page.


The brand new Practice page shows your progress and tells you when it's time for your next class.


We launched experience points (also called XP)! You'll earn XP for each minute practiced.


Don't miss your brand new profile page! It shows your activity, XP, badges and more. All in one place!


Discover all programs with your favorite teachers in our new teacher profiles.

We improved and simplified all existing features and made the site lightning fast. Look out for loads more features and content in the coming months.

TV apps

In February, we'll be launching our AppleTV, Roku, and AndroidFire apps. Get excited, it's time for the big screens!

Our beta apps are already available for iOS and Android. However, you can expect a major update in the coming weeks.

Improved mobile apps

You'll notice that comments are currently turned off. But don't worry, we'll bring our comment feature and all previous comments back in soon.


Friends and community features are turned off. But they're coming back with thunder. Look out for all new friending and community features soon.


Our new search feature is pretty cool, but we'll make it more powerful while keeping it very simple.

Better search

Wait, not so fast.

How to use the new site and other answers...


What about my progress?

Every program and class you completed along with all your comments and favorites will be imported to the new site. You won't lose any of your progress.

Note that importing your progress may take a few days.

Can I still access the old website?

If you run into any trouble during the transition, you have the option to go back to the old DOYOUYOGA website (classic). We'll keep it online for a few more months.

Open the old website

Is the new website completely done?

No, we've only just begun. We continue to work hard to improve DOYOUYOGA for you. There are many awesome new features in the pipeline.

If you purchased a particular program in the past, you will find it on the Discover page under the "Purchased" section. Please allow a few days for your purchases to be imported by the system.

Where are the programs I purchased?



Go to the new website

Need help?

Contact us

Can I use my old login?

Yes! Just use your existing username or email and password to login.

We created a new help center for you. You can use it to find answers to common questions and to contact our customer happiness team.

Open the help center

Where can I get help?

How-ToFAQHow To


Login to the new site

Find programs, classes and articles

Go to LOGIN, then use your existing account email and password to login.

Go to DISCOVER and use the PROGRAMS, SESSIONS, and READS buttons to browse.

Start your next session

Once you have chosen your first program, go to PRACTICE and tap START NEXT SESSION.

Log a session

After completing your session, tap LOG THIS SESSION.

Find a single session

Go to SESSIONS and use the FIND SESSION button to find what you're looking for.

Add a session to your favorites

Open a session and tap ADD TO FAVORITES. Find your favorites by tapping your PROFILE photo.

Find all programs and sessions by one teacher

Open any program and tap on the teacher to see all her programs.

View your activity

Tap your PROFILE photo and go to PROFILE.

Find the latest articles

Go to DISCOVER, then tap READS.

Log out

Tap your PROFILE photo and select SETTINGS & ACCOUNT.


Want to do your favorite class over and over again? You now gain XP each time!

Yes! You can now finally log your sessions as often as you actually complete them. Get XP everytime you complete your favorite session!

Can I log a session more than once?